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About Gofiro Travel

Global Travel is a subsidiary of Alireza & Sons Group of Companies, established in 1970 with a mission to revolutionize the tourism and travel sector of Bahrain.

Our Vision

Founded 45 years ago by Ali Abbas Alireza, Alireza & Sons Group of Companies takes great pride in their illustrious reputation and well-established presence across a multitude of industries. Alireza & Sons Group is based on various business divisions with holdings in Hospitality, Real Estate Development & Management, Trading, Food Services under the brand name of Korean Bakeries. The group is also associated with the Industrial Service sector through a joint venture, UTS.


With Global Travel, Alireza & Sons Group of Companies ventured into the travel industry, bringing along their vision and the tradition of delivering excellence. With a modest beginning three decades ago, Global Travel now stands as one of the leading Travel Agencies in the Kingdom.